Services & Techniques

At Holistic Touch Medical Centers, we provide high-quality chiropractic care. Learn more about our services in Little Rock, AR, below.

Compassionate Chiropractic Care

We specialize in gentle chiropractic techniques and walk you through each treatment before getting started. Today, new technology and medical advancements allow us to deliver a high level of service to our patients. New correction techniques provide safe, comfortable treatment to alleviate joint, bone, and muscle pain. As an experienced Doctor of Chiropractic, Kendall Wilson takes pride in assessing and helping each patient’s unique symptoms.

Chiropractic Exercises

Our chiropractor takes a “blueprint” approach when assigning exercises as part of your ongoing chiropractic care. You can perform these exercises at home to improve and extend your chiropractic treatment plan. Exercising as directed can reduce your pain and prevent some conditions from recurring. Exercising also improves your range of motion and strengthens the bones and muscles of your spine. Your chiropractor may assign exercises to keep your spine aligned and to strengthen the soft tissues surrounding your spine.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Before you leave our office, the chiropractor may give you written or verbal advice on certain lifestyle changes. Our goal is to avoid aggravating your condition while promoting a healthy lifestyle. A proper diet and exercise will impact your body’s ability to heal itself and repair damage. To maximize the results of your care plan, we believe that lasting health and well-being must be a collaborative effort between your chiropractor, other medical professionals, and you.

Nutritional Counseling

Do you eat the recommended daily allowance for fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water every day? We often offer clients advice on nutritional supplements that can hasten their return to good health. Our chiropractor believes in a structured nutritional program tailored toward each patient’s specific condition. Ask us about your health and nutrition requirements on your next visit.

Massage Therapy

This conservative treatment has many benefits when it comes to chiropractic care. We offer massage therapy matched to your symptoms, condition, or injury. The benefits associated with massage therapy include stress relief, relaxation, improved blood circulation, pain relief, and improved range of motion. 

Spine and Postural Screenings

By observing the way you walk, stand, and move, we can deduce important information about your spinal health. We also conduct screenings at community events, job sites, and health fairs.

Chiropractic Care in Little Rock, AR.

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