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Your First Consultation after an Auto Accident Injury: What to Expect

Following an auto accident, it is very important that you find the appropriate treatment for your injuries. Getting the right treatment quickly will have a huge impact on your recovery time, and your health and wellbeing in the future. At Holistic Touch Medical Centers, serving Little Rock, AR, and the surrounding areas, we are ready to help you start your journey to healing. Keep reading to learn about what to expect at your consultation.

Meet the Chiropractor

When you first visit our office, you will meet with our chiropractor. During this meeting, you can share the details of your car accident and any information you may already have concerning your injuries. If you have already been on a treatment plan, you should also share this information as well. Let our chiropractor know what types of treatment you have already tried, as well as what medications you have already used.


Diagnostics will also be performed. These tests will help our chiropractor pinpoint the exact location of your injuries and their severity. Diagnostics can consist of a physical examination and/or x-rays.


Following your diagnostic testing, our chiropractor will develop a treatment plan for you. This treatment plan will be highly customized to your particular needs. Any pre-existing medical conditions will also be taken into consideration.

Chiropractic care always aims for a holistic approach to healing. This means that you will not be given treatments for your conditions that would cause pain or illness in another part or system of the body. Chiropractic care will always strive for balanced health and healing of the entire body.

To learn more about our services, contact us at Holistic Touch Medical Centers, serving Little Rock, AR, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 501-280-0250.



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