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500 S University Ave A 23 Little Rock, AR 72205

When To Go See a Chiropractor

Whether you got out of bed and moved the wrong way or you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, back and neck injuries may require medical attention. Lower back pain in particular can be debilitating and throw you off of your routine for days or weeks. If you're experiencing prolonged pain in your back, neck, hips, or shoulders and you're in the Little Rock area, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kendall Wilson at Holistic Touch Medical Centers to regain mobility and reduce your pain.


Indicators You Need to See a Chiropractor

While a doctor of chiropractic medicine can help with a wide variety of issues, our main focus involves our ability to manipulate your spine to help alleviate pain. A chiropractor can help with a pain that is due to a recent injury or an issue that has caused pain for years. Chiropractic care is an excellent source of effective relief without the use of drugs or surgery.

Consider seeing a chiropractor for these scenarios:

You Have New Pain

This can be a pain that is due to an accident, fall, or sports activity, but if you have new muscular or skeletal pain, it's a good idea to see a chiropractor. Spinal manipulation is just one tool in our arsenal; mobility exercises, physical therapy, and stretching are all effective ways that a chiropractor can help eliminate chronic or acute pain.

Your Range of Motion Is Less Than Ideal

If you wish you were more mobile or could exercise or play sports like you used to, a chiropractor can help achieve these goals. Through the use of stretches, manual manipulation of the joints, and at-home exercises, you can get back to your old physical self quickly and pain-free.

Athletics or Exercise Pain Is Unbearable

It's natural to suffer from some delayed onset muscle soreness after working out, but if the pain is greater than you think it should be, a chiropractor can help. Spinal misalignment can come from repetitive work at an active job or vigorous, daily exercise and sometimes you simply cannot suffer in silence. Spinal misalignment can cause pain and nerve problems up and down your back and radiate into your legs and feet.

Resolving Pain for Good

For those who have suffered for too long with chronic back, neck, or hip pain in the Little Rock area, Dr. Wilson has the solution you need. Call Holistic Touch Medical Centers today at (501) 280-0250 to schedule a consultation.



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